Day one of the EuropeComm conference at London is over, and it has been a interesting day with talks on a mixture of topics.

The key note in the morning from Dr Paulo Sousa of the European Commission on Future Internet was very encouraging after seeing the seriousness placed on the importance of the internet to europe. The end of capitalism was hinted at, which i think was a joke more than anything, but it makes you consider how capitalism must change in order to keep up with the new digital economy. Lets hope it can change faster than the business models of the music and film industry.

The other talk that caught my eye was entitled ‘Why the internet is so small?’ by Shi Zhou of UCL. The title is no doubt a catchy title designed to draw attention, and it worked on me. The paper was considering the size of the autonomous systems area of the internet (BGP routing) which can be considered small in comparison to the edges. The comparison of the main backbone routers to a Rich Club where all the rich boys (routers) know the other rich boys was funny. The author also stated he believed the continued success of the internet backbones was natural evolution and not man made, while i think maybe it was simply lucky that the original ideas were designed to be slightly scalable (well at least to 32 bits).

I am looking forward to hearing more and then presenting my paper tomorrow.