EuropeComm is now done and dusted, and i have returned from the chaos of London to the tranquillity of Swansea. I think the conference was a great success considering it was the first year, and these things always take time to gather motion.

Day 3 was the Business track day, and the talks were mainly from people in industry or performing research for companies. The first talk was from Dirk Trossen, who is a chief researcher at BT networks. His talk covered the area of a publish-subscribe internet routing paradigm for the future internet. This area is very new too me, so i wont try to explain what it is in case i do it an injustice, but it looks very interesting. The website for the research project he talked around is . He was a excellent talker, and made some interesting comments regarding his vision of the future of the internet.

One of the sessions was a panel disscusion where some invited members outlined thier vision of the future of thier field and then took soem questions. I made a comment regarding the use of open models in health care and telecommunications that accidently made me sound very socialist, and resulted in a rather defensive respose. I poised the question that the pursuit of profit in healthcare may actually be a hinderense as the primary function of the system is making profit, not making people healthier. I then added that maybe it is not BT’s primary aim to improve communications systems but to create profit, and as a result any good ideas in BT would only reach product if money making potential exists. Would twitter (which does not have a obvious profit making model) have taken off if developed in a BT research lab?