I was catching up on some net neutrality news and came across this:

In a direct response to the domain seizures by US authorities during the last few days, a group of established enthusiasts have started working on a DNS system that can’t be touched by any governmental institution.


It made me think, would be be better off losing the net neutrality debate and entering a net neutrality war!??!

During World War 2 there were significant scientific and technological developments made as a direct result of the fear and desperation generated by the war. Advances in cryptography and coding, radar, mathematics, nuclear energy etc, its a bit list…

Of course all these discoveries came at a unthinkable cost that no one would ever want repeated.

But if it was a new ‘cyber world war 1’ that we face, where casualties are not people but peoples ability to communicate freely, perhaps this would force developments like the one above, that would eventually result in the war being won by the ‘good guys’ fighting for net neutrality but result in a new internet that is completely resistant to any future attacks on net neutrality and humanities ability to spread information freely.