During the process of developing a SU1X android app i came up with an interesting idea.

Basically, SU1X has historically used a static config.ini file coupled with the windows binary and some images to create a package that is customized to a institutions requirements and branding.

But with the medium of distribution for software and packages being completely different with android and a market place, this becomes more difficult. It would require a site administrator with the android SDK and some experience of compiling, signing and distributing apps to build a SU1X app for an institution. Also, a market place would be flooded with apps that do the same thing, just have different names and branding.

So, a solution that popped into mind was automatic configuration and branding discover by the app. A bit like the WPAD process (the DNS option, not dhcp) this could allow one ‘dumb app’ to be on the market place that could ‘search out’ its config based on a combination of a users email realm and ‘su1x-config’ for example.

I could also get the SU1X windows tool do follow the same process.

This will require some thought.